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  • What is the main ingredient of this product?
    Novel insect meal is the main ingredient of TomTommy Rice Mix. Insect that we use is Black soldier flies larvae.
  • Can I feed your product for Cats?
    Black soldier flies Larvae is good source of Taurine which is an important requirement for Cat's diet. TomTommy's main ingredient is BSFL based insect meal and is limited ingredient product. Hence it should be suitable for cats too. Cats take time to adopt to new food, so they maybe fuzzy in beginning. Having said that, we highly recommend to take your veterinary doctor's opinion and decide.
  • Why my dog refuse to eat the Rice mix ?
    Any new food need to introduced gradually to your dogs diet. Especially if your dog is on milk only home diet for quite a long time. Since any new diet takes time for the dog to get familarise and to get adopted to this system. So, we recommend to take it slow for first one week, add just 10% of the recommended quanitity and gradually increase the rice mix addition to the exsiting diet of your dog. After close to 10 days you can completely replace the dog's diet with our product mixed in Rice. Be cautious to the fact that any sudden change in the diet of dogs can cause vomitting, dysentery, loss of appetite for the doggies. So take it gradually whenever a new diet is introduced to your dogs. Having said that, TomTommy Rice mix is LID and 100% all natural diet for dogs and suits very well for their overall development.
  • Is it safe to order online ? How is the packing and transport done?
    Our order fulfillment is an integrated system, you will be getting continous update on your parcel via SMS and mail from the time you make the order till product reaches you. Package is Tin box which is covered with cardboard box for safe transit. We are committed to get our product to your door step safely and quickly. Any suggestions/complaints please write to us:
  • Does it really work? What is the expected result?
    Just rice with our mix,... may sound too easy to be good. But we are backing it up with our claim that you can see visible improvement in your dogs health in 1 or 2 months of recommended feeding of our product. Improved hair coat, nails, skin and general health will be evident.
  • How many days your 1kg pack will last for my 2 year old German Shepard?
    We recommend a ratio mix of 5:1, 5 part of Rice for 1 part of Tom Tommy Rice mix. Quanity of rice you are serving him totally depends on his appetite, physical activity, number of meals he get per day and is he get complementary other feeds. Try our pack once, very soon you will get a hold of it. No more dog feeding worries. We do our best to make pet parent's life easy and pet's life healthy.
  • How can I reach out to TomTommy for support?
    For any clarifications, please do write to us: We will respond within 24hrs.
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