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We are a start-up based in Singapore focusing on Insect nutrition. Our prime ingredient is Black soldier flies larvae (BSFL) which are packed with all essential nutrients. We source our ingredients from Indonesia and India, under contract farming. We absolutely take care responsible way of farming insects and hygiene processing. We have packed sustainable source of nutrition for our pets in our product. As  pet owners ourselves and immense love for animals, we understand how pet owners struggle (with love) to well maintain their pets. It's taking huge resources to have a pet and nurture their love for us. We give our TIME MONEY EFFORT to care for these lovely beings, but still, our pet dogs don't get the complete essential nutrition. On the other hand, it becomes too complex, too expensive, too time-consuming to be a pet keeper. Eventually, we end up coming out of their companionship.


Our mission is to create the most nutritive and healthy food for your pets, that are easy on pet parents and tasty for our pets. Our delicious and nutritious insect nutrition supports health of our four-legged friends and also helps our planet. ​ Currently, our products are available in Singapore and India.

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