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What Is a Novel Protein Pet Food?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Perhaps your veterinarian has recommended considering a novel protein food, or perhaps you’ve simply noticed the wide variety of novel protein pet food choices at the pet store. Before you decide to purchase one, however, it’s important to consider what novel protein foods are and what they can offer your pet.

What Is a Novel Protein Pet Food?

#NovelProteins are any type of protein that does not come from the sources that have dominated our diets for generations namely beef, lamb, chicken, pork, dairy products etc.,

Often protein from a less commonly consumed animal are called novel proteins. These can be rabbit, quail, alligator etc., We consider proteins from less mainstream animals to be "alternative proteins" and not novel proteins, as these have been around for a long time.

For us, the only proteins that deserve the definition novel are sustainable alternatives to traditional proteins. The most prominent novel proteins right now are insects, seaweed and single cell proteins. Novel proteins offer benefits to both consumers and the environment and can be enjoyed by animals and humans as part of a healthy and well-round diet.

Novel Proteins for cats and dogs:

Most pets have been exposed to common protein sources, so if a food allergy is present, it is likely to be caused by one of them. Novel proteins are less common and are unlikely to be something to which a pet has been previously sensitized. And since allergies require previous exposure, your pet cannot be allergic to a protein her body has never seen.

Novel foods contain protein from sources such as rabbit, bison, elk or kangaroo. While you may choose to feed these to your pet based on personal preferences, they are often recommended for pets who have signs of #foodallergies.

Dog food allergies are most commonly manifested through the skin and usually result in itching and scratching at skin and ears. Cat food allergies may also show in the skin or sometimes as a food intolerance resulting in gastrointestinal symptoms.

Some pet owners confuse protein with meat. But, in fact, protein can come from a variety of sources.The protein content in insect meal is usually even higher than in meat.

Dogs and cats are also susceptible to inflammatory bowel disease, a complex inflammation of the small intestine that is in some cases related to diet intolerance. This disease may result in chronic diarrhea, unexplained weight loss and other gastrointestinal symptoms. While this disease often has multiple factors involved, novel protein diets are often one piece of the treatment plan.

Some pet owners confuse protein with meat. But, in fact, protein can come from a variety of sources. Novel proteins can be a great alternative to using meat-based proteins in pet food. The protein content in #insectmeal, for example, is usually even higher than in meat. Cats and dogs with allergies benefit most from novel proteins. Since they haven't been exposed to these ingredients before, they cannot have intolerance to them. They'll still be able to receive all the necessary nutrients without concerns about an allergic reaction. #Antioxidants that are present in most of these novel protein with rich amino acid content help to boost your pet's immune system and heart health.

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