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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Does your dog have a delicate stomach? Here are 5 reasons why our vet recommended, insect-based dog food is gentle on sensitive stomachs.

High in Insect Protein - #HermetiaIllucens BSFL (Black soldier flies larvae) is the prime ingredient of Tom Tommy which means our diet are easy to digest, they have a similar protein content to fresh meat putting less strain on your dog’s kidneys.

Novel Protein : #InsectProtein are a unique protein source means less chance of an allergy forming. Novel Protein source are not a mainstream source of protein for pet food. Hence, these diets are good for dogs with sensitive or allergic itching and skin condition. If your pet has an existing #allergy to proteins #TomTommy can provide a natural and gentle alternative to any other expensive supplements.

Hypoallergenic : Our recipe is restrained from the common allergy causing items in dogs namely beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. All the ingredients in TomTommy is choosen with care. Delicate tummies needs careful looking after. Our blend of ingredients have been specially selected to align with a dogs natural diet, supporting their dietary needs.

Limited ingredients: TomTommy is made of limited ingredient. Limited ingredient dog food is a variety that has as few ingredients as possible in order to give your dog maximum nutritional value without exposing them to added fillers and other harmful ingredients.

We don't add so many ingredients for namesake and to reduce cost of production. The three ingredients are pure high quality Insect meal, corn and rice bran. Each has its special uses in dogs health maintenance.

Insect meal: Provides all essential nutrition for dogs with high protein that support muscle development, amino acids and fatty acids.

Corn: Good in highly nutritious carbohydrate that keeps your dog healthy and energetic.

Rice bran: Supports your dog with healthy dietary fibre along with high source of vitamins and minerals.

Probiotics : Gut health is proven to link to all kinds of health indicators, so we make sure Tom Tommy supports your pet’s gut. Black soldier flies larvae is a proven insect feed that tremendously improves GIT (Gastro Intestinal Track) of your pet, that means maintaining firm stools and settled tummies.


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